Trade Approved Scales

A & D Mercury Pty Ltd are Australia's largest manufacturer of scales and weighing equipment. Their industrial product range spans from table-top 1000g scales, to floor scales with capacities of 3000kg.

Many of their weighing products are "trade approved" in New Zealand, allowing manufacturers to meet their Weights & Measures requirements with ease. Weightec Ltd have "Accredited Persons" on staff, able to offer advice on your requirements as well as perform testing and issue Certificates of Accuracy.

Some of our specialist product lines from manufacturers including Sartorius are also compliant with Weights & Measures requirements. Contact us for more information.

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Platform scales need to be tough, and offer the flexibility to cope with different requirements.

A&D FS-i

The FS-i by A&D has a multitude of features including check-weighing with a 'Traffic Light' system, as well as IP65 protection.

A & D ELP-3000 Platform

The A&D ELP range of low-profile highly durable platform scales offer toughness and versatility for everyday use.


The A&D SK-WP scales offer outstanding IP65 protection against dust and moisture ingress, and offer the flexibility of both battery and mains power operation.


The A&D SJ-HS series of scales offers a large weighing pan, and the option of battery operation or mains power, for added flexibility.