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The A&D SK-WP scales offer outstanding IP65 protection against dust and moisture ingress, and offer the flexibility of both battery and mains power operation.


If you're weighing in a wet environment, or with products that frequently spill onto the scale when they're being weighed, a scale with a high IP rating can help prevent damage to the scale and breakdowns in the future. 

With its high IP65 rating, stainless steel pan and large, clear display the SK-WP offers versatility, durability and value-for-money, all while meeting the "trade approved" requirements of many weighing applications.

The following models are currently approved for trade in New Zealand:

SK-1000WP - 1000g x 0.5g

SK-2000WP - 2000g x 1g

SK-5000WP - 5000g x 5g

SK-10KWP - 10kg x 0.005kg

SK-20WP - 20kg x 0.01kg

Click here for a brochure on the A&D SK-WP series of scales, with more information and technical details on the range available.