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The A&D SJ-HS series of scales offers a large weighing pan, and the option of battery operation or mains power, for added flexibility.


With a large, easy-to-read display, durable housing and multiple weighing units, the SJ-HS has proved popular across New Zealand industry, with customers who want a reliable and economical weighing instrument.  Being light, it is easily portable and with battery power, can be used almost anywhere.

The following models of A&D SJ-HS are approved for trade in New Zealand:

SJ-1000HS - 1000g x 1g

SJ2000HS - 2000g x 2g

SJ5000HS - 5000g x 5g

SJ-12KHS - 10/12kg x 0.01/0.02kg

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on the A&D SJ-HS Series with more information and technical specifications.