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Metal Detection

Minebea-Intec uses the latest innovative technology, which allows users to detect metal contaminants, even inside foil packaging.  


As well as detecting metal contaminants inside foil packaging, Minebea-Intec's twin-channel technology allows Weightec to offer equipment that filters out product effect, to give maximum sensitivity.  Previous Sartorius projects have included products such as cocoa, which has a particularly strong product effect. 

Click Here for more information about the various options available from Minebea-Intec.  Each piece of equipment is custom-made, to match each customer's exact requirements.This offers unrivalled flexibility in terms of adapting to customers' unique applications.

Although this equipment comes from Germany, there is 24/7 support available on-the-ground in New Zealand, from qualified and experienced staff.  

Because each piece of equipment is custom-made and tailored to suit each application, an initial quotation can be given following a questionnaire about the specific details of your project. Contact us for more information