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A&D HC-i Counting Scales

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The A&D HC-i is a dedicated counting scale, which is simple for operators to use, and features easy step-by-step instructions on the front cover, to minimise the amount of time required to train users.


Some scales require an entire instruction manual just to turn them on.  With the HC-i series, counting is quick and easy, and reference weights of up to 100 products can be stored in the scale's internal memory.

With a high resolution for fast and accurate counting of small parts, and easy-to-read LCD display, the HC-i is popular across New Zealand and Australia and has the option of either mains or battery power, for added flexibility.

It is available in a variety of configurations and capacities including:

HC3Ki - 3kg x 0.5g

HC6Ki - 6kg x 1g

HC15Ki - 15kg x 2g

HC30Ki - 30kg x 5g

Click here for a brochure on the A&D HC-i Counting Scale with more information and technical specifications.