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A&D FC-Si Counting Scales

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The A&D FC-i is a high-resolution dedicated counting scale, which offers high-resolutions and capacities, and is still simple for operators to use, whether daily or infrequently.



With the ability to store product weights for up to 500 products, the FC-Si is a highly accurate counting scale, with capacities of up to 50kg and an RS-232 port as standard.

For added flexibility, a remote scale platform can even be added, with the ability to count total weights of up to 1200kg if required, to maximise the FC-Si's flexibility.

Models include:

FC-500Si - 500g x 0.02g

FC-5000Si - 5kg x 0.02g

FC-5000i - 5kg x 0.5g

FC-10Ki - 10kg x 1g

FC-20Ki - 20kg x 2g

FC-50Ki - 50kg x 5g


Click here for a brochure on the FC-Si range, outlining its impressive technical specifications.