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Acculab Vicon

The balances in the VICON series from Acculab are distinguished by their excellent value for money and outstanding flexibility. 

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Acculab Econ

The Econ by Acculab is an economy balance, versatile enough to be used in different environments.

Minebea-Intec Midrics

A heavy-duty industrial scale, capable of weighing up to 3000kg.  IP65 protection is standard, with the option of upgrading to IP67/68.

Minebea-Intec Miras Stainless Steel

Designed for easy operation, the Minebea-Intec Miras Stainless Steel is offered at a very cost-effective price for a full stainless steel scale, with its full IP67 rating.

Minebea-Intec Combics

The Minebea-Intec Combics series covers a range of rugged industrial scales which can be combined with your choice of indicators and peripheral equipment.

Minebea-Intec Signum

The Minebea-Intec Signum is a new-generation scale, capable of weighing from milligrams upwards.

Minebea-Intec and Sartorius EX Scales for Use in Hazardous Areas

Minebea-Intec offers a wide range of weighing equipment for use in hazardous areas.  Weightec (NZ) offer fully trained sales and service staff to offer advice on the best solution to your application. Click here for more information on the Minebea-Intec EX product range, or scroll down for more information on hazardous areas.

Minebea-Intec Miras

Designed for easy operation, the Miras has advanced application features including counting, totalising, checkweighing and more. Capacities range from 3kg to 3000kg

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