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A&D FC-Si Counting Scales

The A&D FC-i is a high-resolution dedicated counting scale, which offers high-resolutions and capacities, and is still simple for operators to use, whether daily or infrequently.  

A&D HC-i Counting Scales

The A&D HC-i is a dedicated counting scale, which is simple for operators to use, and features easy step-by-step instructions on the front cover, to minimise the amount of time required to train users.

A&D ELP-1200 Platform

The ELP-1200 platform by A&D offers a 1200kg capacity, and is ideal for dry areas, where trade-approval is not required. 


Platform scales need to be tough, and offer the flexibility to cope with different requirements.

A&D FS-i

The FS-i by A&D has a multitude of features including check-weighing with a 'Traffic Light' system, as well as IP65 protection.

A & D ELP-3000 Platform

The A&D ELP range of low-profile highly durable platform scales offer toughness and versatility for everyday use.


The A&D SK-WP scales offer outstanding IP65 protection against dust and moisture ingress, and offer the flexibility of both battery and mains power operation.


The A&D SJ-HS series of scales offers a large weighing pan, and the option of battery operation or mains power, for added flexibility.

Low-Profile Floor Scale

Straight from one of America's leading scale manufacturers, the DR150 and DR400 offer weighing flexibility at an affordable price.

Stainless Steel Portion Scale

The Cardinal PS-11 scale is ideal for food production environments, being manufactured from tough stainless steel, straight from one of America's leading scale manufacturers.